For a long time I’ve called myself a multi-genre writer and in many ways that’s true. I’ve certainly written a variety of fiction. My romances and erotic romances include categories such as contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy, but at least the market allows for a wide playing field.

Of these titles to date they are mostly m/m or m/m/f — the full explanation of why can be found elsewhere (soon), but briefly, I never set out to write this type of romance. I had an idea that nagged me to write it, the publisher requested a series, and I discovered I had an audience, so GLBT titles became part of my repertoire. I call my books non-traditional romance in that they tend not to be the hetero titles with the closed bedroom door that I read as a teen, or they have a paranormal twist.

I currently have a backlist with JMS Books, Loose Id, and Changeling Press.

I’ve also worked with Musa Publishing until, sadly, they had to close their doors, and I had several titles out with Aspen Mountain Press (AMP) in the past, but that publisher shut down owing to breach of contract–if any those titles are still for sale under the original cover or not re-published by another of the companies listed above, then they are pirated, illegal copies. Please do not condone media piracy. Thank you.