About Changeling Press:

My novellas available from Changeling Press include titles such as Nights in Pink Satin, All Washed Up, and my additions of m/m/f books for the award-winning Protect and Serve series created by Lena Austin: Hounding the Beat, and Mistletoe and Whine. Excerpts can be read via the Changeling Press website–simply follow one of the links through (they all take you to my author page), choose a specific book page and links to excerpts can be found directly on the CP site.

Changeling Press is a US publisher operating out of Martinsburg. They specialise in erotic adventures, mostly in ebook format although they have produced print. Books are available directly from their website and many good outlets. Note: titles are for adults only.

You can read more about the team from the about us menu at the publisher’s website.

The company uses either photo or ‘poser art’ type covers designed by Bryan Keller, Angela Knight, Karen Fox, Reneé George, Sahara Kelly, Zuri Kassie Thrace, and Marteeka Karland. Some people love these covers, some don’t, but they are meant to be tongue ‘very much’ in cheek, as is my work with them, definitely on the lighter side as a whole. The exception to that rule may be the Protect and Serve titles — they touched one or two readers deeply and produced a tear or two. The stories are intended to be fun to write as well as read. These are a good, humourous, supportive team to work with. Regarding the covers, I’ve seen a couple more recently that were excellent and definitely far from the type that has been their trademark to date. I’d love to see more of them.

I have not produced any work with Changeling for a good while, and currently I’m uncertain I will have much if any time to produce more. Whatever my decision, my thanks go to the excellent group of people with whom it’s been so much fun to work.

Staff details correct as of 28 August 2012.

My Changeling Press Titles:

BOX SET 1: Nights in Pink Satin, A Good Knight, Faerie.

BOX SET 2: Marooned, Curt Courting, Well Nigh Impossible, Lost in Inclination

SINGLE TITLES: All Washed Up,  An Act of Generosity, Toasted (multi-authored series: Final Cut Miami), Hounding the Beat, and Mistletoe and Whine (both parmulti-authored series: Protect and Serve), and the sequel Mistletoe and Whine.

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