Nights in Pink Satin Box Set contains the titles Nights in Pink Satin, A Good Knight, and Faerie.


Slip into pink…

Vincent is a vampire of world renown, even if most people believe his story is a fable, but with age comes boredom. Seeking out new silk to line his coffin for his annual ball, he comes across a bolt of pink fabric. Curiosity leads him to seek out who ordered the cloth and in so doing, Vincent makes a mistake that is about to change his existence.

Martin is a newly turned vampire and a lonely gay man. When he returns to find a famous vampire in his humble abode, he’s glad of the company even though he’s also afraid. Moreover, he’s excited for this vampire is extremely good looking.

When trapped by the sun together for an entire day leads to an explosion of unexpected intimacy, Vincent is left wondering what has come over him and has to decide if such choices carry the same type of angst or consequences for one who has lived for so many decades, even centuries. Martin is left wondering if he’ll get what he hoped for — one night of passion — or if Vincent’s interested enough to see where their relationship might lead.

Setting doubts aside, Vincent and Martin have the opportunity to turn their back on their very different but equally lonely existences. As soon as Martin get rid of his ridiculous pink-lined coffin, Vincent and Martin can then look forward to many nights between sheets of pink satin.

When a simple mistake leads to a day of explosive passion, what’s a vampire to do, but look forward to a future of gay nights between sheets of pink satin?

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Spend a good night with ‘A Good Knight’…

Licinius is an adamite-knave, an ancient but largely dishonourable profession. He doesn’t expect much from life and silently bemoans his existence yet he does what he does to take care of his family. He certainly never expects to have his wish — to spend one good night with one good knight — fulfilled in the arresting form but strange and confusing personality of Crassius de Chartres. Overcome with lust (and love) at first sight, Licinius is willing and eager especially when the knight insists, “Your pleasure is my pleasure.”

Licinius is about to experience an incredible knight, one that is going to leave him a quivering wreck come morning, caged in a way he never expected, and possibly vagrant. He must be mistaken because Crassius wouldn’t do anything to hurt him, would he? Will he finally understand the true meaning of the knight’s motto and share his idea of pleasure?

One good night with one good knight: is that really too much to ask?

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Calling Lane a fairy isn’t the slight Adam thinks it is.

When Adam overreacts to his mother’s matchmaking owing to stress, and insults an old friend, little does he know he’s closer to the truth than he thinks. Calling Lane a fairy isn’t the slight he thinks it is. Adam has very clear ideas concerning the type of man he’s attracted to, and Lane isn’t it.

Little does he know he’s also goaded the other man into acting on feelings long suppressed. For both of them what they feel during sex and afterwards, brings more than a little magic into their lives. If they can survive their own mistaken beliefs and prejudices, and outside threats, they might just find something lasting together, and Adam might have to change his mind over the importance of physical attraction and what it means.

While Adam’s shop burns around him, can he salvage more than the precious items for sale?

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