SINGLE TITLES: All Washed Up,  An Act of Generosity, Toasted (multi-authored series: Final Cut Miami), Hounding the Beat, and Mistletoe and Whine (both parmulti-authored series: Protect and Serve), and the sequel Mistletoe and Whine.


When it seems Peter’s life is all washed up, maybe the answer is to ‘bare’ all, including his heart.

When Peter Blake takes a job working for Walker’s Wash-ups, little does he know that the easiest part of his day will be deciding which of his ‘uniforms’ he hates the most. Needing the money to pay off a loan, Peter decides there are worse things in life than wearing a nude male grilling ‘Hot Sausage’ apron, even if he can’t exactly remember what at the moment. His life shouldn’t be like this. Alas, he didn’t foresee redundancy. He didn’t foresee a time when he’d have to take such a peculiar job, having to grin and ‘bare’ it, even while both pairs of ‘cheeks’ burn equally with embarrassment.

Even more surprising, he didn’t expect the sanest person in his growing list of crazy ‘clients’ would be another man with a bruised heart, who has a lot to answer for…including his future.

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Is sex enough and can it evolve into love, or will a generous act return to kick Rob where it hurts?

When Rob was young he didn’t mind having a much older boy around — even if Michael wasn’t truly his brother he acted like one. Sadly, Michael died at just twenty, but not before someone led Michael to believe that he had a son. Even though the truth came out, the woman involved turns up in Robert’s life when least expected. Robert Dee just can’t help his generous nature even when someone tries to use that against him. He doesn’t respond to blackmail kindly, but he does the next best thing in memory of a good friend. Robert is generous in the circumstances and makes her a deal that he doesn’t expect her to keep. Even so, he tries his best and then moves on with his life.

Years later, Rob is shocked to have a young man apply for the job as his P.A. He’s not sure he should…hire a man, for Rob is gay and he believes it will send out the wrong message…or maybe the right one, for Lee Chambers isn’t at all what Rob expected. Rob’s instantly attracted and maybe a little bit blinded to the fact that Lee hasn’t been entirely honest on his resume. He also doesn’t know that Lee has tracked him down for other reasons than wanting a job. If only each knew the other was gay they’d get to the bedroom to enjoy each other’s company, but is sex enough and can it evolve into love when one of the two isn’t being entirely honest?

Rob doesn’t want to let Lee go and Lee would love to stay…but his duplicity is killing any chance they have of a relationship. Having a generous and kindly nature can be a curse…or a blessing — especially when it accidentally leads to possibly finding true love, but has an act of generosity returned to kick Rob where it hurts most?

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TOASTED (Final Cut Miami)

Prepare to be toasted…

Dressed for far colder weather, Armand makes a strange spectacle in Final Cut. Krakow cannot believe Nicodemo the bartender sends the man over to his corner, especially when he told the sex demon he wanted to be alone. His disgruntlement soon changes when he realises there’s something different about Armand. Has Nico done the impossible and found someone Krakow can finally share intimacy with?

Krakow has the answers to Armand’s lonely existence and a cure so Armand no longer has to feel cold.

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Since pounding the beat is no longer an option, how is Sam’s life suddenly more arresting?

Bobby loves his work, but his fellow police officer, Chantelle, more. Unfortunately, they work in the same department, and they will need to make some life-altering decisions soon. Some lives have already altered. Take his friend, Sam: a drunken driver has left him with a damaged leg and permanent limp. Sam’s rethinking his career and his future for several reasons, one being that he’s very much in love with Bobby, and a little in love with Chantelle. If explaining to Sam that they are happy to consider a ménage relationship doesn’t complicate things, how is Bobby to tell Sam that he and Chantelle can turn furry at will?

If his voice doesn’t turn a little ‘husky’ in the attempt, he first has to live long enough to explain. Someone out there has a vendetta, and ideas that may end their future before it’s even began.

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Note: Mistletoe and Whine is the sequel to Hounding the Beat, although it can be read without the previous book.

It’s Christmas but, alas, Sam has more to whine about than plastic mistletoe.

Bobby, Chantelle, and Sam’s lives have changed. Bobby is now a rural cop while Chantelle and Sam run the Hare and Hounds Pub and Restaurant. Their new situation would be idyllic if the only blight was Health and Safety insisting they cannot decorate with real mistletoe for the holidays. Truth is, Sam’s not doing so well — he’s suffering too much pain in the leg that was injured in a past accident. Although Sam knows he has the love of two beautiful shifters, he can’t help his frustration. He longs to run with them, not to feel so weak. If his pain weren’t bad enough there’s danger in the surrounding woods, something Chantelle senses, fails to understand, and dismisses when Bobby distracts her with sex.

When Sam is kidnapped, he has real cause to whine. Will he live long enough to get the kiss under the mistletoe that he longs for, even if the plant has to be made of plastic?

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