Well Nigh Impossible Box Set contains the titles, Marooned, Curt Courting, Well Nigh Impossible, and Lost in Inclination.



Nominated for Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews Book of the week, January 15th, 2011.

The Sexual Evolution of the Marooned Spaceman.

When he’s marooned on a strange planet, cosmonaut Vernon Attwater thinks his only problem is one of possibly ending up as reptile poo — especially when the reptile chasing him looks like something out of an old science fiction movie. Little does he know that the alien who saves his life is about to complicate matters in ways he never imagined…ways that make him sigh, pant, groan and gasp with pleasure. Even so, surely he can control his own yearnings, especially when he’s never previously felt such desires being that the alien may look androgynous but is decidedly male in every way that matters.

Cresszna seems to have other ideas and is rather persistent. It doesn’t help that Vern knows he’s sending out mixed messages. He keeps saying no even as his body is saying yes, and feels rather shocked by the overwhelming sense of loss when it seems Cresszna is prepared to accept his rejection.

There’s no way home and Cresszna is the only intelligent humanoid life-form he’s run into. Would life, and sex, with the alien truly be so bad, especially when Vern’s experiencing sensations he didn’t know he was capable of feeling. Trouble is, there appears to be a price to pay if he wants to be Cresszna’s mate — one that’s even more amazing than the strange things he’s so far encountered on the planet.

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Curt’s human; he needs sex. Good sex. Consensual. He’s ever hopeful Schuyler’s the right man.

The world has become a harsh and bleak place. Men seek work where it’s needed. The only safety working in these outer reaches is if one has the protection of a crew. Curt doesn’t; he’s solo.

When he inadvertently catches the gaze of a man he’s desired from the first moment he saw him, he doesn’t know whether he’s going to be murdered or abused. That’s the best he can hope for, surely? Being tied up makes for some very curt courting, but to Curt’s surprise, it might well end in love.

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It’s the end of the world as Colin and Nigel know it.

Another Armageddon predicted, and Nigel has said if it truly is the end of the world, he’d like to do something he’s never done before. Colin’s choice is even simpler: he’d like to spend his last hours making love to the person he cares about the most. The trouble is that the person is Nigel, and even if he turns out to be willing, the man is a friend and his boss.

Now fireballs are falling, and what they said in the heat of a moment is going to put them to the test.

What if they do something Colin thought was well nigh impossible, and the world doesn’t end come morning?

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Note: the sex and subject matter is a little different for me. I’ve had the story sitting around for some time, undecided whether to do anything with it. When the head of Changeling shouted at me for a story this was all I had ‘lying around’. She wanted to put it out under the Hot Flash line with a generic cover. Originally, the story was probably an exercise in learning to write for the m/m market, but don’t let that idea worry you. The secret to writing is not to worry or care what other people think regarding the subject matter. It still amazes me people get more upset over sexual content than the gory plot of a horror or crime novel. The story, of course, is not as simple as it first appears, not a true capture fantasy. I wanted to explore the idea that Nickolaus’s true restraints are the life he’s been made to live…until his path crosses with Melic’s.

Some men can only feel whole when lost in inclination.

When Nickolaus Brevin, the son of the highest ranking politician in the Protectorate, escapes into the city’s streets for temporary sanctuary from his father despite the danger, little does he anticipate being kidnapped by one of the rebel forces. Taken to their leader he foresees torture or death, not falling for the enigmatic Melic — a man who orders him to give the performance of his life, for his life. Not that the sexual encounter is exactly force when it brings long-denied desires alive.

What looks to be an act of humiliation is the only way Melic can think of staking a claim to the man he’s instantly recognised — a claim that may give both men what they seek, and make them feel whole by giving in to their natural inclinations.

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