The works listed on this page are out of contract and out of print, and should not be available. Some have reverted to me owing to publishers closing; others I have withdrawn from distribution.

I may republish these at some time, at which time they’ll receive an updated page. The Del Fantasmas (DF) need re-writing to exclude certain characters and settings as per the terms of the contracts.

  • Rose Light
  • A Slow Fuzzy Screw (DF)
  • Virgin Special (DF)
  • The One That Got Away (Shifting Perspectives 2)
  • The Teacher
  • Wildest Dreams
  • Cosmic
  • The Swithin Chronicles 1: Uly’s Comet
  • The Swithin Chronicles 2: The Comet’s Tail
  • The Swithin Chronicles 3: The Comet Cometh
  • A Swithin Spin 1: A Queen’s Move
  • A Swithin Spin 2: Redemption
  • A Swithin Spin 3: A Princely Passion
  • Amuse Muse Me Do
  • An Act of Generosity
  • All Washed Up
  • Hounding the Beat (Protect and Serve)
  • Toasted (Final Cut Miami) (Was originally Toasted Almond)
  • Mistletoe and Whine (Protect and Serve)
  • Marooned
  • Curt Courting
  • Well Nigh Impossible
  • Lost in Inclination
  • Well Nigh Impossible (Box Set)
  • Nights in Pink Satin
  • A Good Knight Faerie
  • Nights in Pink Satin (Box Set)