Please note: Snow Angel, and Angel Heart are both currently out of print. The books have been withdrawn by the author with the intention to re-edit, add a third title, and re-submit elsewhere. This is the only way the books will ever see print in accordance with reader requests. Unfortunately, the publisher the author had in mind has now closed so it’s as yet unknown what will happen with this project.


Come out of the cold… Into the warm…

Dean Chapman has always had a thing for April Reid ‘the girl next door’, the woman he’s never had. What he doesn’t know is that while he made puppy dog eyes at her, her younger brother, Jay, spent his time looking at him the same way.

Now, years later, he considers the two Reid siblings as close friends, nothing more than that. Little does he know Jay is still in love with him, always has been, always will be, but he’s about to find out. When he does it not only throws his sexuality into question, it shines an ugly light in his direction.

Reacting as he often does, on impulse, he’s about to make an understandable but life-altering mistake… and then he makes another one.

Dean has to take a long look at himself and he’s not sure he likes what he sees. He can’t remember being this arrogant, an egomaniac, not to mention a control freak, and that’s only a few of the nicer things April Reid has taken to calling him in defense of her brother. Can he change? Does he want to? Does he even need to or is it really just a question of making the right choice?

It’s winter and snow is falling but he doesn’t yet know which of them might yet be left out in the cold.

Dean likes women but not nearly as much as he likes himself. His friend, Jay, likes him more but if he’s not careful he might lose the one person who can take him just as he is, ego included!

© Sharon Maria Bidwell, all rights reserved.


Thoughts far from angelic…

Last year, Dean Chapman fell in love… with another man. He’s fallen for a childhood friend, Jay Reid, and as Jay is a kind, loving soul, Dean knows that he holds an angel’s heart in the palm of his hand.

Since they’ve moved in together, most of their friends and family have been supportive but the one person who knows just how to wind him up, drop him down and step all over him is the one woman who should be on their side, but Jay’s sister, April, is waiting for him to fail… big time. Dean’s determined to prove her wrong but only time can do that and he’s not the most patient of men. Even worse, sometimes he fears that despite his resolve, he’ll lose the only person who has ever made his heart race. Jay should have someone who can love him completely, and give him everything both emotionally and physically that he needs. If Dean wants to keep him, he has to give himself up to a gay relationship completely and that includes his heart and some rather intimate parts of his body.

Jay has total faith in his lover and patience… plenty of patience. Dean needs time and Jay knows April isn’t helping and she’s about to piss him off… one last time. It’s his parents’ ruby wedding anniversary and they are about to spend the night in a lovely country hotel. Both men are in for a few surprises, not least of all the four-poster bed Jay’s parents have arranged for them. First, there’s the church blessing to get through, people to meet, the peace to keep, dinner to eat, and an unexpected declaration of love, and that’s all without throwing the strawberry lube Jay adores into the mix.

There’s a reason Dean calls his lover ‘Angel’ but Jay’s thoughts are far from angelic. He must stop his sister interfering, and ask if Dean’s remembered to pack the strawberry lube for the weekend.

© Sharon Maria Bidwell, all rights reserved