1. It explains why you should make certain who it is you’re kissing.
  2. You’ll learn all about Helleborus niger.
  3. It shows how to satisfy a sweet tooth.
  4. It shows you how to make popcorn more interesting.
  5. It gives you another good reason to enjoy chocolate.
  6. It shows how not to throw a romantic dinner for two.
  7. You’ll learn how to make yourself so unwelcome in your favourite restaurant you can never risk going back.
  8. It shows how a hobby can become your life.
  9. It shows how ‘not’ to apologise.
  10. You’ll learn a jumper is the same thing as a sweater, and not a kangaroo.
  11. It explains why toffee and fudge can bite back.
  12. It gives you another good reason not to trust a mechanic.
  13. It explains that sometimes it’s necessary to bother your employees on their day off.
  14. It tells you why you should listen to your subconscious.
  15. It shows you what to do with any spare cord you have lying around.

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