Flowers for the Gardener

“Man this book just rips you up. So emotional. I didn’t know which side I felt more bad for. … The one thing to learn from this book, if nothing else, life is too short. Don’t let past resentments get in between you and the people you love. This was a good book but it can make you cry to read. Death is never easy. Give it a try. Just grab some tissues when you do.”— Becca,  Love Bytes.

Seduced by a Legend

Seduced by a Legend has the distinction of being a truly literary quality GBLT story. It’s WOW-factor is quite unexpected. Sharon Maria Bidwell has a special British superpower at work here to take a classic Halloween legend and make it erotic.”— Melissa Snark, Author.

Bitter and Intoxicating (from Red Velvet and Absinthe anthology)

I loved Bitter and Intoxicating. I devoured it in one sitting. It skews perfectly with my own sensibilities, especially IN THE BLOOD. — Rick Reed, Author.

Writing quality: Certainly doesn’t disappoint, perfect typography and grammar. Overall very well-written; I couldn’t have done better with editing and structure. Complaints: Really none at all *grin* erotica is my favorite genre once again. Stories I liked: Favorite is Bitter and Intoxicating by Sharon Bidwell, by far! Hot hot hot! caffevitale

This was an interesting tale, filled with passion, fervor and artistry both in the descriptive use of the words and the subject matter. Vampirique Dezire

Acting Out

“The story draws you in, this dance the two of them have towards Alex seducing Nick both into making the film and into becoming his lover, as both men discover exactly what it is they want and need from each other. I love Alex’s confidence, his dominance and his yearning to teach Nick what being a gay man is all about. I love Nick’s shyness and his eventual letting go of his inhibitions to realize what he has been all along.

The two men are charming, hot, sexy and the story flows along at a fast pace, delivering surprises and insights into the two men and their lives which I really enjoyed. I loved getting to know Nick’s family and his disapproving brother Charles, and I LOVED Nick’s dad and his understanding and love for his son. And Alex and Nick’s first lovemaking scene was warm, tender, hot and just right. There are some funny lines, some emotional moments and a lot of wonderful, warm fuzzy feelings for me in this book.” — The Romance Reviews

Hard Pressed



It is so engaging to watch Gary work his magic on Phillip. You really want him to succeed, even though Phillip throws up every roadblock he can think of.

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Coffee Time Romance


This is a beautifully written tale of two men from opposite sides of the emotional spectrum trying to make it work together against adversity. It’s a human journey into someone’s past and future and in trying to come with terms with each other against the odds. … Sharon Maria Bidwell brings her scenes to life with humor, angst, emotion and more than a little lust. Her love stories are hot and sexy, her characters deep and detailed, and you really find yourself cheering them on and just hoping they are going to be all right.

You can read the whole review from Susan Mac Nicol at The Romance Reviews.


Space, Man

Delightful! Simply delightful! This Fling is very well written, with a degree of character development that is suited to the length. … Both are endearing, and it is the characters that make the storyline. Alex’s fight with himself was truly entertaining, and Mani’s (the man in white) own innocence was cleverly portrayed. There is some sex between the characters, which is at times rather unusual, as only sex between human and incorporeal can be. The sex is not the centre of the storyline though, the romance between the pair is – and a charming romance it is, too. That’s not to say the sex is not great, it is. Wonderfully described and fairly varied. Space, Man is an excellent, smooth flowing, out-of-the-ordinary quick read. –Elizabeth Marie (JERR)

The character of Bray of the typical beach bum was hysterical. Alex’s response to Bray’s offer for a last ‘butt'(Sex) was highly amusing. Alex’s response to his initial encounter with Mani was memorable! Mani’s strangely beautiful looks hooked Alex in spite of his promises to himself. The situations that Mani got Alex in were both comical and intriguing. It was wonderful to watch the evolution of Alex and Mani’s relationship and how they overcame their differences. Thanks go to *Ms. Bidwell* for such a heartwarming story. — Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

A very funny and tender story, about a man that fears the pain of loss and about a space man who wants for the first time to be with another soul, to belong to another person. I love all I have read by Sharon Maria Bidwell, and this little story gain a very special place in my preferences. — Elisa Roile (Italy)


Totally agree with your reviews!

I’m going to check out your other books, and you can’t stop me!

Keep up the good work!

Loved it!

Really powerful stuff. Completely gripping. (Comment on Degrees of Sickness short story published by Midnight Street).

— Reader Comments

A Slow Fuzzy Screw

I enjoyed learning about these two very different men along with their histories, fears and desires. The blistering hot sex scenes took my breath away. — Robin, Romance Junkies

…‘not to be missed’: … a unique story which is not so much a love story as it is the story of two men, each with painful pasts… — Tara, Two Lips Reviews

Fans of M/M and BDSM will delight in the eroticism of this tale, while at the same time be moved by the hurt both of these men have felt in their past. This isn’t a happily ever after story, no, it’s more one of possibilities and an acceptance that they both need while at the same time sparking something that could develop into a happily ever after. — Bitten by Books

The story focuses on two interesting characters, with equally complex backgrounds. Especially enjoyable are the flashbacks to Leon’s past, how they are interspersed throughout the story and provide insight to a complex character. The story concentrates greatly on the senses, in particular smell and touch. The descriptions provided for Shayne and Leon create a powerful experience for the reader. … You will not be disappointed! — Emily, Rainbow Reviews

The uncertainty of Shayne and Leon about this mating is a masterpiece. — Elisa Rolle

Normally, I want my gay romance to be all happily ever afters. But, sometimes a dose of reality hits just the right key. That is not to say this has an unhappy ending. Just that the two men that come together aren’t experiencing love at first sight. They have found someone to share their sorrow, ease their loneliness and maybe start to build something meaningful with. … I really enjoyed this story because we got backstory about Leon’s people … some depth of character for Shayne, a bit more about the mysterious Cody (the host of Del Fantasma) and, oh yeah, hot sex. Really hot sex. … These two men understand the real world and that happiness doesn’t happen in an instant. They’ll have to work for it, but that’s what makes it worthwhile. Highly recommended.jshillingford

Virgin Special:

Bidwell deserves kudos for elevating an erotic, ménage vampire tale to such a cerebral level that I wasn’t sure how the story would end. The characterizations are particularly strong in Virgin Special. Bidwell gives the reader a lot of background on each person, with plenty of vivid flashbacks so that their motivations are crystal clear. This is a good thing because the heart-stopping ending pays off handsomely. I would have been okay with either outcome.marame (Rainbow Reviews)

For me, the heart of VIRGIN SPECIAL was Seth.  Cranky, irascible, moody and brooding.  Hardly the hero, eh?  Yeah, he is.  He made me think of a young Heathcliff, with fangs.  He loved Hannah from the moment he first met her, while she was still human.  And what Hannah wants, Seth makes sure that Hannah gets.  That doesn’t mean that Seth welcomes James with open arms.  Far from it.  Making friends with Seth is kind of like making friends with a tiger – a really moody tiger with great big fangs.   In order for the trio to bond, Seth has to learn to love James and then convince him that he doesn’t want to die.  This is a hard place for Seth to be – he would give up everything, including his own existence, to see Hannah happy. … I wouldn’t recommend starting the series with this book.  Pick one of the earlier books and get a feel for the world of DEL FANTASMA.  But you HAVE to read this book.  It’s been a while since I felt so good about seeing my fictional friends get their happily ever after.  I was smiling through my tears. —yoshi (Wild About Books)

“This story…wow. Just…wow!

— Reader Comments


Cosmic is an incredible journey of passion and love played out in the stars… — Joyfully Reviewed

Bidwell creates scenes that are palpable and intriguing. She vividly describes the tensions and conflicts between the characters, and she goes on to create a universe with much thought and creativity. Axel, with his almost antagonistic personality traits, and Snake, with his shy demeanor, makes delicious moments come to life lucidly. And the introduction of Sela is a good twist. … A good read, and worth checking out! — Rainbow Reviews

Cosmic is an adventure in space full of secrets and intrigue. … emotional turmoil … irresistible love … — Literary Nymphs

The One That Got Away (Shifting Perspectives 2):

A fish, a pigeon, and a swan. Unusual creatures with unusual tales of love lost and discovered await you … all three stories presented in this anthology have merit in that they take you on very different aspects of shape-shifting, and will definitely holdinterest for fans of this genre. — Rainbow Reviews

“A fish tale that is very much an original, this story was a truly refreshing look at those old fish stories you heard growing up as a kid. Of course, it also makes me wonder if that big old catfish in my mom’s pond may be more than meets the eye… Hmm, I might have to do some fishing this summer.” — Bitten by Books

“I Do” An anthology in support of marriage equality:

A sad, yet heart-warming story of one man’s insecurities and his struggle to learn to love again. And this time it feels so right in Swansong by Sharon Maria Bidwell. — Alternative Read Reviews

Death, love, loss and hope. The ingredients for angst and redemption are all there. So much emotion is packed into this little story it’s hard to believe it doesn’t read over the top, but it’s just right. It might be a slightly painful reflection of what life is for some men, but it’s also a realistic one and promising. (Swansong by Sharon Maria Bidwell). — Dark Diva Reviews

Due to the variety of the anthology there is sure to be something for every romance lover. There are fantasy, historical, contemporary settings mixed with action, humor, heartbreak, child birth and throughout each there is a distinct thread of romance. Some stories are longer than othersbut each is a well written introduction to engaging characters that involve you in a snippet of their lives. From sweet romance to scorching sex, the heat level varies but surprisingly keeps you interested from story to story. In an anthology this long with as many varying voices and styles, it’s rare to have such a solid group of authors and stories. Combined with the excellent cause the proceeds support, this is a definite buy for all romance lovers. — Kassa – 3 AM

Like a lot of people, I’m not always a fan of anthologies. For a typical volume with 20 short stories, you’ll find a couple that are wonderful, a couple that are appallingly bad, and the rest somewhere in the middle, a big lump of mediocrity. It’s annoying to shell out full price for a book you know it’s likely you’ll only enjoy a small portion of, so with a few exceptions, I tend to shy away from anthologies. This is one of those exceptions. … It’s amazing. Really, there wasn’t a single story of the twenty presented here I didn’t enjoy in some way. … Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the beautiful way the book is set up. — Genre Reviews

How swell that good intentions combine with entertaining writing. — Richard Labonte, Lavendar Magazine

This anthology offers everything from warm, thought-provoking stories to erotica. The result is a varied mixture of mostly quality work…This anthology would make an excellent addition to any established GLBT fiction collection. — Jason D.Phillips GLBT-RT

I think I’ve mentioned before that anthologies usually make me twitch. … It’s rare that I read an entire anthology. It’s even rarer when every one of the entries is good. Congratulations. — Jayne, Dear Author

Nights in Pink Satin:

The normal level of Changeling Press’ books is good but seldom they are “deep”…it’s almost a gothic romance with a touch of urban fantasy…It’s so sad to see his life through Vincent’s eyes when he is spying in the apartment, all the objects tell a life of loneliness and lost hopes. Even if I was really wishing that Vincent would have been starstruck by Martin at first sight, his reluctance makes for an even more interesting reading, I loved to see the innocent seduction of Martin, and the sex in the closet was hot and “symbolic”. —

And again:

The normal level of Changeling Press’ books is good but seldom they are “deep”. They are nice stories thought for a light break. And so it was unexpected to find such a story like Nights in Pink Satin. Even from the title I was expecting a light tale, and instead it’s almost a gothic romance with a touch of urban fantasy. Anyway I should have some hints by the cover, again one of those nice covers that Changeling Press lately reserves to some authors. … I loved to see the innocent seduction of Martin, and the sex in the closet was hot and “symbolic”. — Elisa Rolle

Nights in Pink Satin is an extremely sensual book. The title image, a bolt of fuschia-pink satin intended to line a coffin, draws the reader in with its bold color and luxurious feel. … Sensual details ~ sights, tastes, smells, and sounds ~ make the storytelling vivid and immediate. — Rainbow Reviews

I really enjoyed watching them fall for each other during a very strange night. While it’s not very long, Nights in Pink Satin packs a lot of emotion into its pages.  If you’re looking for a different kind of vampire tale, you can’t go wrong with Nights in Pink Satin. — Joyfully Reviewed

Nights in Pink Satin is an extremely sensual book. The title image, a bolt of fuschia-pink satin intended to line a coffin, draws the reader in with its bold color and luxurious feel. … Sensual details ~ sights, tastes, smells, and sounds ~ make the storytelling vivid and immediate.  — Rainbow Reviews

A Good Knight:

I know that, speaking of vampires, best friends or fantasy lords, a book by Sharon Maria Bidwell never disappoint me. And so enjoy a perfect medieval breeches rippers romp! … For being only a novella, A Good Knight is for sure well above the average. — Elisa Rolle

An Act of Generosity:

This is another of those little jewels that the somewhat overlooked Changeling Press catalogue can offer if you dig a bit. Of course I was helped on my discovery thanks to the name of the author, Sharon Maria Bidwell, one of the first gay romance author I read, and one of my favorite too. … Despite this being only a novella, the plot is well developed, the balance between story and sex is perfect, and even the supporting character, Robert’s business partner Phil and his p.a. Anna, have enough development to make them real characters and not only someone in the background. — Elisa Rolle

The premise for An Act of Generosity is quite unique. … Lee’s fantasy daydreams of him and Rob were a lot of fun. As were those of Rob about Lee, though these latter were more mature and less fantastical. This showed really well the difference in the two men’s ages, as well as their life experiences. … It was a lot of fun to have two men living in the same house, working in the same place, in love with each other, but both believing the other was straight, thus off-limits. This situation continues for a significant proportion of the book. This did get a little frustrating to read about, but it was nevertheless completely believable that neither man had the confidence to make the first move. … When they both came out to each other, the pace of their relationship was kept slow and realistic. The sex was hot and quite plentiful and it soon morphed into lovemaking. — British Bull Dog Rainbow Reviews.


Sharon Maria Bidwell is a brilliant author who uses humor, suspense and erotic encounters to create a fascinating story. The two primary characters in Marooned are multidimensional and drew me into the tale. Vern’s quick wit keeps the story flowing. Cresszna is passionate and gifted with the patience of a saint. — Literary Nymphs


Marooned is a fascinating sci-fi fantasy romance between a human man and an alien being that might or might not be male. The visual descriptions of the land and its flora and fauna were intriguing and well done and some of the other inhabitants were fun. The best thing I liked about this story is how love really can occur anywhere and with anyone. One of my favorite movies is Enemy Mine and this book reminded me of that wonderful story, but on a deeper and more sensual level then the movie ever dared go. I was entertained and captivated by this wonderful storyline and I thank Ms. Bidwell for an awesome reading experience

Nominated for Book of the Week, January 2011. — Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews