Sharon Maria Bidwell has penned an exceptional tale in Snow Angel, one that resonated with me long after I finished it. At times the emotions were so intense, so painful, that it was hard for me to read, but then I would turn the page and find something incredible to keep me going. — Joyfully Reviewed

Snow Angel is all about conflict, both internal and external, and it left me in such a state as well… … As much as I originally riled against the two main characters … I also came to admire them for their brutal honesty and willingness to take a chance. This story is an emotional roller coaster, and more for the reader than the characters themselves. I’m still not sure whether I like this story more than I dislike it. However, I do know that it inspires me to debate with others who’ve also read it, and will remember SNOW ANGEL long after I’ve forgotten most other stories. And that is a mark of true originality. — Isabelle Spencer ,RRT

Snow Angel is a compelling tale of discovery… … This is a relationship that seems based on desperation. They cling to each other and enjoy the passion they share, but there is so much pain in both of them that the reader hurts with them. … Snow Angel is a fast paced story with a storyline that draws the reader in and involves them as they join these characters in their search for the truth about their feelings. This is a story that makes an impact and will leave readers thinking about how many people may find themselves in similar situations. I encourage readers to add this memorable love story to their reading list. — The Romance Studio

Ms Bidwell has done a wonderful job in developing her charming characters as well as executing a strong plot. Readers will find the story well defined and easy to follow, making this a sexy and captivating read. — Literary Nymphs Reviews

In a word? Unique. Undoubtedly a word you have heard before, but let me tell you this word fits Snow Angel to a T. Going in, I didn’t know what to expect, but I can say this: I wasn’t expecting what I got. These characters are very strongly developed, Dean being the most dominant – both in development and in personality. He really stands out. At times, I guarantee you will hate this character, but in turns be fascinated, intrigued and inclined towards him. — JERR

Ms. Bidwell kept me glued to every page! The dynamic relationship between Dean and Jay is constantly changing and Ms. Bidwell had me laughing, crying and yelling through them all! There are some very (and I do mean very) hot and steamy scenes and if not careful, you could be scorched! — Rainbow-Reviews

This has to be one of my favorite recent reads. Jay is instantly likable … Dean I had to learn to like … insensitive … emotionally challenged prick and yeah, maybe a pig…and I just adored him. … What I found moving was Dean’s internal conflict. … I kinda liked how Sharon Maria BIdwell illustrated that Dean had layers (ogres have layers…and onions too). He is a man who thinks deeply about things and his struggle to be honest with himself and admit to his feelings for Jay is pretty touching. The sex is hot and made my toes curl, srsly! There is an edge to Dean and he could be incredbly controlling to the point where the book pushed a few of my own boundaries. I think this is why it is even hotter when he loses it himself and it makes you wonder, who is really the one submitting, Dean or Jay? — Sharrow, a reader

Loved Dean’s sense of mischief!

Just finished reading SA. It rocks! Are they having a sequel?

“Beautifully nuanced.”

I’m a big fan of your work and was wondering if there was going to be a follow up to Snow Angel? I have read it several times…

So hot!

I gave this story 5 stars out of 5 (in my own personal ratings system), I was so impressed! Any chance you plan on revisiting them again in the future?

Such a delight to read. Different, honest and charming. I hope you’re planning to write a sequel for this story.

“I just finished SNOW ANGEL — it was a fantastic read for me. Dean and Jay are both great characters. I loved the way Dean struggled with his emotions for Jay. Yes, Dean is not a very nice guy as you see him play with Jay’s emotions and I did want to slap him a time or two :o) but I also understood where he was coming from and he more than made up for it at the end… I could feel Jay’s pain at the love he had for Dean and knew that nothing could come of it, but still wanted the time he had with him. I love this story. Your writing style is wonderful.”

— Reader Comments (Snow Angel)


The novella sequel to Snow Angel.

Passion, love and the trials of life share in the emotional journey Ms. Bidwell pens for her men. Angel Heart is a sweet romance with sizzling love scenes that readers are sure to enjoy.

Dean is your typical Alpha male with a good helping of insensitivity that sometimes hides his tender emotions. Jay, however, will capture your heart from the very start and will have you rooting for him. I really enjoyed this book as it presents a relationship where neither partner is perfect, but these idiosyncrasies are what make them perfect for each other. I must admit that Dean was not a likeable character in my opinion in the first book Snow Angel, but this time we get to know him better and see him through Jay’s eyes which shows how Dean, despite all his faults, is exactly what Jay wants and needs. — Bella, Two Lips Reviews

I liked the honesty between Jay and Dean, as well as the realism of the story. — Joyfully Reviewed

This continuation is a tender and poignant story of two men struggling against bitter outside interference that at times threatens to tear their hard won love apart. The storyline is realistic and the characters likeable and well-rounded, and I wanted nothing more than to tell Jay’s sister to keep her bigoted opinions to herself. It’s a wonderfully crafted and well described passionate story filled with sizzling hot love scenes that readily showed the affection these two men had for each other. — My Book Cravings

In Angel Heart you see more of the boys (from Snow Angel). He (Dean) is frustrated at time and finds the constrictions of society maddening. … Not that he gives a rat’s ass if anyone complained, if that makes sense, but he is pretty much a man used to feeling self-assured. Which is why it makes such good reading… — Sharrow, a reader

Thank you!

I’m so glad you revisited these two.

I want more!

Quality writing!

Made me hot and bothered.

Any chance for a book for April?

You stayed true to the characters!

— Reader Comments (Angel Heart)