The relationship between Uly and Markis is a very complex one … When Uly and Markis come together it is very loving, sweet and hot! Ms. Bidwell has created the perfect first story in this series, one filled with humor and epic scenes supported by a unique world for the reader to explore. — Fallen Angel Reviews

…a wonderful tale with fascinating characters and exotic places. You will take an adventure where one powerful, but lonely, man learns how to not only control the comet, but also the feelings and emotions inside him. Exciting adventures and sensual love scenes are all entwined together to make for a very entertaining read. — Coffee Time Romance

The Swithin Chronicles 1: Uly’s Comet was mysterious and gripping. Gloriously handsome and virile men were everywhere in this novel. I loved each one of them, especially Ryanac. I realize he was not the prince, but his sense of fun and duty won me over. When Ryanac extended his affection to the people around him, he made me believe. He managed to bring all the characters in this novel together. Markis abstained from anything pleasurable. That was no way for anyone to live. I was dying for Ryanac to succeed in making Markis realize the error of his ways. It helped having Uly around. He was a young man that needed the love Markis wanted to give, but was not allowed. No one was more elated than me when sex started. — Just Erotic Romance Reviews

The fact that it was common and accepted for the Swithin to take lovers of both genders made for a very interesting read. This was the story of a very giving, understanding, but lost, leader who depends on his friends to ground him and keep him safe. I found it interesting, entertaining even though it was a little disconcerting. A good read that will have you thinking and make you want to call your best friends and thank them for all they do and who they are. I recommend this book to all that like to read about political intrigue, magical powers, and the more emotional aspects of relationships and how they form. — Two Lips Reviews

Uly’s Comet is one of those rare books that succeeds on multiple levels: Not only is it an exciting tale of adventure, complete with dangerous magic and political intrigue, but it is also a powerful and multifaceted romance, chronicling the journey from resistance to acceptance of a passion not to be denied. A fantastic page-turner. I can’t wait for the next book in the Swithin Chronicles! — Jeanne Laws, author of A Good Man is Hard to Find (Loose Id)

With a touch of magic in the air, Swithin is a land where sexuality is equal and open. A place where a prince can see past the grime of a street thief to the man underneath, and together they can finally find ease from the bittersweet loneliness that hounds them both. Uly and Markis’ story is wonderfully poignant and a cast of strong characters shows us there are many types of love essential for our well being. — Anne Douglas, author of The McCabes 1: Persuading Jo (Loose Id)

A wonderfully created world that is rich in emotions, power, and the discovery of what it means to let go in love. From the moment you meet Uly and Markis, you learn what it means to do the right thing and when doing the right thing is no longer as right as loving those who unconditionally love you. A fantastic tale and I can’t wait to read more about this world. — Cynnara Tregarth, author of Djinn Delight (Loose Id)

Sharon Maria Bidwell has created a splendid new world and an equally wonderful and fascinating story. Uly’s Comet is an entertaining tale with a great cast of characters! Reading it was truly a nice way to start my weekend. I look forward to more of The Swithin Chronicles. — J.L.Langley, author of The Broken H (Loose Id)

This is a fantastic view into the complexity of the human mind and heart. Markis, Rayanac, Uly and Tessa all go through dramatic changes. There is passion, sex, love, laughter, arguments, and giving trust. Each will have a separate role to play in guiding, and supporting each other as they forge a life together. Much of the Swithin culture is revealed as Tessa and even Uly are slowly instructed in the Swithin ways of love. Deep, complex and passionate, this has the makings of a classic and I am proud to announce that have awarded The Comet’s Tail a Sassy Seal of Approval.

— Alternative Read Reviews (on The Comet’s Tail)

WOW Again. Sharon is a master storyteller. … This book continues the fantastic view into the complexity of the human mind and heart. Markis, Rayanac, Uly and Tessa continue to sort through emotions as they try to form a cohesive family of sorts. There is passion, sex, love, laughter, arguments, and giving trust. … It will definitely be in my re-read library. — Alternative Read Reviews (on The Comet Cometh)

This book is full of conflicts; conflicts between persons, their world, their power, and their own feelings. There is excitement in the action with the battles and the warring of persons against each other. There is also wonderful love scenes that will set the reader afire. While this is the third book of a trilogy, it can be read as a standalone. There are also lines which can easily be explored with their own story. Perhaps Ms. Bidwell has a treat for us yet again? ParaNormal Romance (on The Comet Cometh)

Uly’s Comet is an amazingly intricate and fascinating fantasy book. It involves intrigue, love, hate, passion … involving fascinatingly flawed characters to keep you entertained and turning the pages. … Uly’s Comet clearly demonstrates Ms Bidwell’s talent to build an intricate world and society for her characters to inhabit and evolve in. — Sabella, Joyfully Reviewed

All in all, The Comet’s Tail is a fun and sexy romp … a wonderful fantasy tale that will leave you feeling hot under the collar and looking for the next book about these men! — Sabella, Joyfully Reviewed

As a whole, “The Swithin Chronicles 3: The Comet Cometh” is a spectacular conclusion to this fantastic fantasy series that will leave your romantic heart well satisfied while providing a gripping and fast-paced plot. … will have you eagerly turning the pages well past your bedtime! — Sabella, Joyfully Reviewed

The Swithin Chronicles: Uly’s Comet is a complex story that showcases fantasy with a touch of emotional reality. … This is a tantalizing and exhilarating beginning to an inventive series that I enjoyed greatly.

The Swithin Chronicles 2: The Comet’s Tail: Sharon Maria Bidwell continues to astonish with this amazing series. The love scenes are sensuous and tantalizing, the emotions are intense and the storyline is outstanding.

The Swithin Chronicles 3: The Comet Cometh is an extraordinary journey that is a combination love story and psychic mystery. … Sharon Maria Bidwell illustrates a collection of works that evolves into a phenomenal conclusion in this episode. This series is intriguing, complex with fascinating revelations in each book. The many facets of emotions displayed melt your heart. This is an excellent series that I enjoyed immensely.

— Three great reviews from Literary Nymphs


“So well written.”


“What a fabulous concept.”

“This unbelievable world is truly believable.”

“This world exists… somehow, somewhere. It has to.”

“A multi-layered world with equal depth of emotion.”

“I love Ryanac. Even though he isn’t the main character, he fulfils his role perfectly. The story wouldn’t be the same without him. The other characters wouldn’t be the same without his influence.”

“Markis made this book for me. Uly is sweet and Markis needs him to be that way, but it was the prince that made this book for me. The internal battle he wages yet overcomes first at Ryanac’s guidance, and then later, with his growing willpower, sold me on this one. His quiet, understated strength made me love him. I couldn’t wait for him to give in to his feelings.”

— Reader Comments (The Swithin Chronicles 1: Uly’s Comet)

“If this is anything like the first book — and you say it’s better — then I am in for a treat.”

“I don’t usually read fantasy but I’m so glad I made the exception!”

“One of the strongest middle books, emotionally and otherwise, I have ever read.” (Editor)

“I’m not a fan of quartets and the idea of the princess made me hesitant but I am so glad I read these books. Can’t wait for the whole of the trilogy.”

“Bring it on!”

“I will read anything and everything you write from now on.”

“The Comet’s Tail was great. I loved the flashbacks. The ending left you wanting to read the next book. The love scenes were fab. You’ve nothing to worry about with this series.”

— Reader Comments (The Swithin Chronicles 2: The Comet’s Tail)


“The best yet.”

“I loved this series. I loved the characters and the hot, loving scenes, but most of all I loved the plot!”

— Reader Comments (The Swithin Chronicles 3: The Comet Cometh)

“That kiss was divine.”

“I strained my eyes reading that on my mobile, but no way was I going to stop.”

Reader Comments (At What Moment — The Swithin Interlude available to read on the Swithin site).