I receive a few queries as to what I’m working on at any given time so thought I’d put up a page here to provide an idea for my romance titles. No specifics and no titles unless contracted, but this may be of interest. I’ll update/delete any that find a market. I know it’s going to look as if I never finish anything, but that’s not true. I think my list of published titles proves that. And some writers have longer lists than this to share. Writers often have works at different stages — from vague ideas to being written, lined up for personal editing, or editing with a publisher. Things overlap. I like to shelve work and return to it with a minimum of two weeks (often much longer if deadlines allow) to edit it with a fresh eye. Some of these are novels, but many are shorts. Some of the non-romance may contain erotic elements or none at all.

This is not an exhaustive list. I’ve numerous short stories written (particularly non-romance) that I may or may not ever submit, may never be published. Some may end up as rewrites to fit submission calls or become completely different stories in different genres. I’ve been asked to write for various projects, which I’m also considering.

Note: I’ve started moving things up the lists as they near completion, find ‘homes’ etc.


A Not So Hollow Heart
Re-editing and available now in it’s second release from JMS Books.

FFTG. — update as of April 2018. Now published. This turned into Flowers for the Gardener available from JMS Books.

PS: a m/m romance based on a flash fiction piece I wrote — intended as a short of around 15K — I’ve about half of that written, but I’m undecided. I think I’ll finish it at the short length and then shelve it and ‘think’. These characters could be so much more. It’s a question of whether I end up being happy with the completed ‘short’ and whether I decide there’s enough to expand on and if the story warrants it.

Slow Fuzzy Screw: m/m previously published. I don’t know whether to re-release (at all) or use for a possible series.

Virgin Special: m/m/f previously published — I would like to make this into a novel.

PoS: m/f (possibly some m/m) fantasy idea that I’ve done nothing with.

VPH: a m/m ghost story. I started this, but it at once took on a tone too serious for the intended publisher so have shelved it for now. Update: This isn’t going to make it to publication. I ended up using it as part of the opening for another project that was released in a completely different market/genre.

LH: m/m ghost story. I started but it took on a tone too serious, blah blah blah… head:desk

HN: m/m futuristic novella that I have to edit and choose a market for.

OTR: m/m vague idea I’ve done nothing with.

S: m/m steampunk story I’ve yet to finish.

S: m/m short story I expanded but I can’t seem to make the ‘punchline’ work and it’s been shelved for ages. One I may have to run by an editor one day to get their take on why/what’s not working.

Sail: (working title only) m/m semi-historical short story I’ve yet to finish from feedback. (Yes, I know the above are three titles all beginning with the same letter but they’re unrelated).

TT: m/m story I started and can’t even recall what it’s about until I take another look.

T&C: m/m werewolf story I have to finish.

C: m/m fantasy novel, six chapters written, has been shelved for ages owing to not having the right publisher at the time.

SSM: a m/m contemporary romance — I ‘know’ this story so well in my head, but I’ve not had a chance to write it yet.

Swithin books: Hmm…hard to categorise these. They ‘are’ romance, but very much a fantasy and one book is currently out of print. I also have two incomplete drafts of two additional ‘spins’, but I honestly want to re-edit and re-organise and re-everything with these books one day. Update May 2018: Owing to the publisher closing these are currently out of print.